Katina Huston

Six years ago mixed media artist Katina Huston started chasing shadows. “I fell in love with the fleeting images cast on the ground. I wanted to capture them” and so she did, spilling inks on mylar beneath cast shadows; The first drawings in the series took shape.

Her process has since developed into a sophisticated practice involving dozens of shades of ink, twenty sable brushes, and half a dozen bicycles in the studio. This brings physics, high level drafting skills and chance to the forefront of each drawing. Liquids flowing against the weight of each color create geologic marks. Rings form with evaporation, the fizz and bubble of different inks mixing are documented in the drawings corralled by the draftsman’s precise lines, creating an expression in chance and precision.

Katina Huston is a mixed media visual artist working in the San Francisco Bay Area. She received a B.A. in the History of Fine Arts from New York University, studied at the New York Art Student’s League, and earned a Masters of Fine Arts from Mills College in Oakland, California.

Ms. Huston is a contributing editor for works+conversations. Her articles and reviews on contemporary art have been published in Artweek, New Art Examiner, Ceramics Monthly, New Mission News, Sgraffitto and Visions, Art Quarterly. Ms. Huston’s work is represented by Dolby Chadwick Gallery, San Francisco, Jancar Gallery Los Angeles and Davidson Contemporary Seattle. Her art is in the collection of the San Francisco Fine Art Museums, California Palace of the Legion of Honor, Wynn Casino Collection and Visa International Collection.

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